The Cambox story

Cambox, far more than just a camera. The Cambox is a wonderful adventure reinventing the action cameras industry.

Cambox presentation by Cambox CEO.

The Time Has Come For You To Change Your Vision...

Cambox gives its users the keys to capture the present moment and invites the World to embrace this adventure. From the cameras to the applications and accessories, everything we do aim to help you capture the instant moment, to share your experiences and above all to pass on what inspires you.

Cambox was founded in 2013 by Jean-Marc Piednoir, horse rider and motorsports lover, looking for the best way to film in order to share his emotions. His numerous prototypes were later at the origin of the Cambox concept.

As of today, Cambox has sold more than 10 000 cameras worldwide in more than 20 countries. But this is above all, thousands of customers in the World who made this history possible.

Horse rider with the Cambox V4 Pro.

Motorbike racer with the Cambox V4 Pro.

A French based company with an international presence.

Cambox has several subsidiaries to always offer local services to its customers. *Australia coming soon