An action cam
adapted to every situations

Regardless of the Cambox model, we have designed this action camera so that it is compatible with all types of sports, hobbies or supports (helmets, caps, hats). For the time being, its only limit is water (but it is only a matter of time).

Here are some examples of the Cambox applications.

The Cambox for horseback riding

Perfectly positioned under your equestrian helmet visor, the Cambox is ultra-thin, ultra-light and ultra-discreet  and captures your most beautiful emotions with a total peace of mind.

The motorsports action camera

The Cambox has already « driven » on the greatest tracks of the world and ridden along the best pilots to record their races from inside. Whatever your motorsport is, enjoy a unique point of view, and this in a totally safe way.

Down the slopes with Cambox

The Cambox is ideal to record all your achievements. Wether you ride a bike, practice skydiving, hiking, baseball or even hockey, the Cambox is tailor-made to your activity as it is fixed under your visor of your helmet/cap, giving you a unique point of view.