Motorsports visor camera

The Cambox is a revolutionary action camera that mounts under your visor and integrates perfectly with your helmet to record all of your racing events with an unprecedented safety level.

Bike, Auto, Kart

Whether you do practice go kart, on track motorbike, car racing, motocross or to record your daily commute the Cambox is suitable for any situation.

It will keep a low profile

An action camera like you've never seen before !

The Cambox easily fits in your helmet, whether it is designed for leisure or competition

It is an ultra-thin, ultra-light and ultra-discreet camera that captures your most intense emotions when you are behind the wheel or handlebar.

Action. Reaction.

Many international drivers as well as amateur regularly share their accomplishments .

You too, shop your Cambox today and join our growing community.


Go kart



Ice racing

Road racing

Frequently asked questions

Is the Cambox compatible with my helmet ?

Yes, since the Cambox was designed to suit all helmets, visors, caps, hats, including those specific to the competition. It is also equipped with 2 articulated arms to adjust itself to any shape of visors, wether they are round or not like the ones used for motocross for example.

How to properly fasten the Cambox to the helmet ?

The camera is fastened to your helmet thanks to a self-adhesive Velcro strip that you place under the visor. You can easily equip several helmets with new Velcro mounts and bring your camera with you anywhere !

Can I wear a Cambox safely ?

The Cambox is renowned as one of the safest action camera of the market, it is often used during some of the most prestigious national and international competitions.

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