Discover our refurbished Cambox®.

It is said that cats have nine lives, our cameras have at least two.

As good as new

A discounted price

An eco-responsible approach

Our refurbished products. Do not miss them.

Each pixel is checked for an unparalleled experience !

More than 20 inspection points

Our expert technicians inspect meticulously each component of your Cambox to ensure an optimal performance of your camera.

Part replacement

We do systematically replace the battery of your Cambox by a new one. The shells and central lens tilting system are also new parts.

Cambox final touch

Presented in its protective case or new packaging, your refurbished camera includes a new USB charging cable and/or a new 32 Gb* micro SD card.

*Except V4 Pro

It's all there !

Each refurbished camera is delivered with the same accessories as a new Cambox. Nothing is left to chance to guarantee your satisfaction !

Still have questions ? We have the answers.

The term refurbished applies to used products respecting the following conditions : tests performed, one or several technical interventions, this in order to ensure product safety and features.

In addition to benefiting of the quality of a new Cambox for a discounted price, buying a refurbished product is an eco-responsible approach. Indeed, you are contributing to the reduction of electronic waste (electronic boards, lens, connectors...) or extraction of raw materials used for electronic components manufacturing.

All of the Cambox models are available as refurbished, according to arrivals. These being variable, register to receive an email alert to be automatically informed when restocked.

In order to receive back in stock alerts for refurbished products, access product page and fill in your email address in the dedicated field and select " Notify me when product is available ".

Yes, you can benefit from the same payment plans options with the refurbished products.

Please contact our support via live chat or email : in order for us to send you a proposal.

Your refurbished Cambox benefits from a commercial warranty of 12 months covering defects and hidden defects.

Buy now, pay later. Our financing options.

Payment plan.

Paypal Credit : No interest if paid in full in 6 months.

Pay with Paypal Credit, no interest if paid in full within 6 months, for purchase of $99 or more.

Payment plan.

Pay over time in up to 12 months with Affirm

Choose your terms between 3, 6 or 12 months and pay via debit, credit or ACH.

Cambox Recycle.

Save money while upgrading to the latest version.

Benefit from our trade-in offers and save up to $50 towards the purchase of our latest model.

The Cambox store experience. Shop with confidence.

Payment plan options at no extra cost or with 15% fees.

Free standard ground delivery in the US.

Trade-in your old Cambox, get a credit towards the purchase of a new camera.

A lifetime customer support, for a unique experience.

A credit legally binds you and has to be reimbursed.

Check your repayment capabilities before committing.